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Paid Sick Days for Drivers

Uber/Lyft PUA Assistance Survey

FAQ - How Uber and Lyft drivers can apply for unemployment benefits

The Drivers Union has been advocating in Olympia and Washington D.C. to make sure Uber and Lyft drivers are eligible for unemployment benefits. Our work is starting to pay off! We've talked to dozens of drivers who have started receiving benefits through Washington State's Employment Security Department. This is the latest as of Monday, April 20, on what you need to know to apply. Be sure to access more detailed instructions on our emergency Unemployment Guide available here. Read more

Uber's new COVID sick plan caps pay at just $5.74/hr

Drivers Union says Uber plan hides limitations and exclusions in the fine print Under pressure from Drivers Union advocates, on Friday Uber announced changes to its COVID sick pay plan. While the new plan expands eligibility to some drivers with underlying health conditions who were previously denied, Uber hid in the fine print new restrictions on eligibility and cuts to sick pay benefits. The new plan: Restricts eligibility to drivers who have driven within 30 days of applying, effectively prohibiting drivers from receiving support who followed the recommendation of public health officials and stopped working during the crisis. Eliminates transparency for how driver sick pay is calculated. Caps sick pay at $459 for 2 weeks. For a full-time driver, that works out to a maximum sick pay of just $5.74 per hour. Read more

Top 5 Myths about Unemployment for Uber and Lyft Drivers

There is a lot of confusion about access to unemployment assistance for Uber and Lyft drivers during the COVID-19 crisis. So, Drivers Union put together these Top 5 Myths about Uber/Lyft Unemployment to make sure you have accurate information.  If you’re having trouble with your application, click here to get a free copy of our Unemployment Guide for Uber and Lyft Drivers.   Read more

Take action now! Relief for drivers is one step closer

Because of drivers taking action and aggressive advocacy from your Union, we are one step closer to securing urgently needed emergency relief for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers.  Yesterday afternoon, Governor Inslee announced: A statewide 30-day moratorium on residential evictions; and An effort to call on the White House and Congress to declare a disaster in Washington, authorizing Disaster Unemployment Assistance for Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers and others who may not normally be eligible for unemployment benefits. Read more

COVID-19 Emergency Resource Guide for Drivers

As the COVID-19 impacts workers across our state, we are compiling emergency resources to help you and your family in this time of crisis. The resources listed below come from a variety of sources, including King County and the Washington State Labor Council. If you are aware of resources not listed here, please send us an email or write it in the comments below. Please stay healthy and safe! Public Health Information Social Distancing Unemployment Benefits and Workers Comp Financial Resources for Consumers Trouble Paying Rent or Mortgage Student Loan Deferments Paying Utilities Food Assistance Insurance Issues Union Families In Need Who's Hiring? Find a Teamster Job  Read more

Emergency Financial Assistance for Uber and Lyft Drivers

The Drivers Union is fighting for Emergency Financial Assistance for Uber and Lyft drivers who are struggling due to the coronavirus crisis. SIGN OUR OPEN LETTER to Uber/Lyft CEOs and government leaders requesting Emergency Financial Assistance. If you have lost income due to the COVID-19 crisis, you may be eligible for state unemployment benefits (even if you are still driving). We encourage drivers to apply. If your unemployment application is rejected or you need assistance applying, call the Unemployment Law Project’s free telephone hotline at (206) 441-9178 x0. Fill out the form below to receive information about resources available for drivers and instructions on how to apply for unemployment benefits. 

Drivers Union: Fund COVID-19 Emergency Relief for Drivers Now!

Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers – low-wage workers who earn a living taking people to airports, events, and their jobs - are on the front lines of both the public health and economic impacts of this crisis. Yet economic stimulus plans are leaving us behind.

FAIR PAY: City of Seattle needs to hear from YOU!

Drivers deserve a living wage! Right now, the City of Seattle is surveying drivers. The information will be used to help set a fair pay standard and improve our pay. If you receive a text/email with a survey from the City of Seattle, please participate.  If you did not receive the City’s survey or need help, contact your Union at 206-441-4860 x1279. It’s important that all drivers have our voices heard! Join us! Get involved in the fight for Fair Pay! Contact your Teamsters Union Representative at 206-441-4860 x1279, or visit




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